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Chairman Chairman’s Message

Education is a major pillar of human development. It is an essential ingredient of nation building. Imparting education, particularly at the early stage of life, is a missionary work. Teaching is regarded as a noble profession. The society has high expectations from teachers. The teacher must command unflinching faith and trust of his students. He can transform the life of young ones who are in their formative years. We have to develop a culture of commitment and integrity. The Delhi College of Vocational Studies is engaged in developing the budding teachers, who are readying themselves to occupy the exalted position of school teachers.

I wish great future to the students and teachers of the college.

Principal Principal’s Message

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”

Good teachers are an asset to society and nation, Delhi College of Vocational Studies & Research is a platform where we prepare students to face the world. DCVS&R has striven to mold personalty of student in such a way that they can face the complex situations and challenges of life with confidence. For us, everything is important appropriate knowledge, good habits, positive attitude and sound values. We provide a plethora of activities for the judicious all-round development of students properly channelized towards creativity and self-actualization. Our aim is to cultivate in trainees, educational and professional competency by using the latest innovative methods of teaching. With the explosion of knowledge and globalization of education across social and boundaries, we provide unique multi-cultural programme. This, on one hand, helps the student to know different scenario of life, on the other hand takes the student to real platform, which has been shown through their 100% result, since our inception i.e; 2008.

We hope to continue this march progress in future as well.