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About Us!

India is a Nation, which has many challenges before it. For a strong India to emerge we need to create self sustainable development models, who spread “Knowledge/ Gyan”. Knowledge has always been the prime mover for prosperity. A knowledge society is one of the basic foundations for the development of any nation. So, our hopes lies on the educationists/ teachers of today and tomorrow, who is they visualize a strong India, will be able to build it through the help of a holistic education. Keeping in mind this aspect Delhi College of Vocational Studies & Research was founded in the year 2008 to work for the noble mission of development and strengthening the Education.

Delhi College of Vocational Studies & Research has been established to cater the Educational need of India and now has become the important part of Indian Education System through its association with SCERT, (State Council of Education Research & Training), Delhi. It will produce professionals for primary and middle schools by imparting training. Besides this, Institute facilitates research in the area if Education. Many well known Educationists and Social Activists have associated with DCVS. Through the highly qualified and dedicated faculty members, DCVS is shaping global career in the field of education. As the stream of talent flow from this Institute to the world, join it to create and discover a new world.